Forever FIT Programme

The Forever F.I.T. Programme

Step-by-step weight management 

The Forever F.I.T. Programme is specially designed to provide you with the tools for healthier living that will propel you to success in your weight management journey.

Made up of three powerful product packs;

Forever F.I.T. provides you with everything you need to look better and feel better.

C9 Nutritional Cleanse

F15 Weight Management

V5 Supplementation


Kick-start your ‘FIT’ lifestyle with this 9 day nutritionally-balanced program. Combine gentle exercise, planned meals and food supplementation to see real results.



Choose your 15 day beginner, intermediate or advanced program to match your fitness level. Tailored nutrition, exercise + supplementation with step by step guidance.



Remove guess work and optimise your daily nutrition with ‘Vital 5’. A unique product combination of Aloe Vera gel + 4 synergistic supplements.

Get In Touch

To maximise the benefits of this step by step weight management program, nobody is better placed to support you than Mike and Lindsey, who offer clients their time and expertise freely.

Mike Butterworth, Global F.I.T. Ambassador

Mike is based in the UK and has been one of Forever’s Global F.I.T. Ambassadors from the start, he was instrumental in demonstrating what is possible when you commit to the F.I.T. program.

Lindsey Jackson, Forever Business Owner

Pioneer of the Worlds first Pilates in Pregnancy DVD. Lindsey now helps people to build successful wellbeing businesses of their own, often alongside professional jobs.

A husband and wife team, Mike and Lindsey have dedicated their life to health, fitness and helping others.

Free Personalised F.I.T. Programme:

Get in touch with Mike and Lindsey to find out more about how the Forever F.I.T. programme can benefit and support your weight management goals.

 Forever Global F.I.T. Ambassador Mike Butterworth

Forever F.I.T Ambassadors represent Forever Living and their high quality products across the world. F.I.T. Ambassadors have shown passion for Forever and this has been represented in their work for Forever.

Mike was a pioneer of the initial FIT program when it first launched in 2014. Based on his commitment, passion and results, Forever invited him to become their Global Fit Ambassador.

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