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Forever Business Owner

If you mix together a love of people, a love of health, movement and a deep desire to make a difference in the world, you have Lindsey Jackson.

“There’s lots of positive things to do in the world. My passion is to learn as much as I can about a healthy mind and body, be my best – and then see how I can contribute to others in a positive way.”

After a career in Health Service management, she became a consultant in change management. Now coaching her Forever team she uses her NLP and Psych-k® tools to support them to grow and thrive.

Pilates Institute Accredited Instructor

One of the first to bring Pilates to Yorkshire she trained with Michael King. Educating therapists on the benefits of Pilates she developed strong connections with medical practitioners who still refer to her.

Massage, Barre Pilates, Reformer and small equipment qualifications makes her classes varied. A trained Yoga teacher she brings inputs on pranayama to support mental wellbeing not just physical.

Lindsey created 4 Pilates DVD’s in groundbreaking areas. The worlds’ first Pilates in Pregnancy DVD was a huge success. She went on to produce Pilates for Mums, Pilates Essentials and Pilates for Men.

Current classes can now be accessed On Demand here.

Global Business Coach

Becoming a business owner with Forever Living (alongside teaching Pilates) was wonderful and 13 years later Lindsey is still passionate about the quality of the products and helping people improve their health using them.

She says, 

“As a mum of 2 it allowed me to juggle work and business and to flexibly be there when it mattered. I’m SO grateful for the lifestyle choices our Forever business has given us. It increased my income whilst working from home and even more exciting we have qualified for the company incentives by helping others be successful. It has truly been magical.”

With trips to Hawaii, Sardinia, Singapore, South Africa and more, her children have also enjoyed much broader life experiences. “My boys have seen us push on, stumble, pick ourselves up.. crack on again. They know that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. And they know that self belief is paramount in life. I’m excited to see how that exposure shapes their own lives.”

Lindsey Jackson Family

Our Opportunity for You

If you love these products, love learning about health, prefer quality that works and know you can share them with others – then perhaps we can help you to navigate the choppy waters of a global recession? 

In the past, you could study, get a good job for life, work for 40 years and draw a pension. But life isn’t like that any more. Many people don’t have a pension and most people face working until their late 60’s or later (certainly in the UK). Life is very uncertain and having the courage to create your own wealth is key to a self sufficiency just now. 

Our Forever business allows you to earn a top up income from home or go large and build your business internationally.

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To maximise the benefits of this step by step program, nobody is better placed to support you than Mike Butterworth (Global F.I.T. Ambassador) and Lindsey Jackson (Pilates Institute Accredited Instructor) who offer clients their time and expertise freely.


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