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Forever Business Owner

If you mix together a love of people, a love of health, movement and energy… and a deep desire to make a difference in the world, you have Lindsey Jackson. But she doesn’t make a big deal of it. She just keeps on moving forwards.

“I really feel there’s lots of positive things to do in the world.. and apart from bringing up my boys to the best of my ability.. (that’s a challenge in itself!) my focus is on being my best and seeing how I can stretch to reach for the next goal and help more people.”

It wasn’t her English degree that taught her this focus in life… it was her President role in the students union. And whilst it was many years ago now, it ignited her passion for stepping up to make things happen: For standing up for what is good; for working with others to achieve progress.

20 years later, after her career in the NHS, her self employed consultancy role in change management, she moved on to coaching.

Global Business Coach

Lindsey developed a part time love of teaching fitness, for fun! She has blended together a rare set of skills. With fire walking, pole jumping and NLP Master Practitioner skills to top them off…she is now a rather unusual Pilates teacher and Director of her own large health and fitness business. After creating and producing 4 Pilates DVD’s in groundbreaking areas… she learned how to become an entrepreneur. With the worlds first Pilates in Pregnancy DVD she helped thousands of women around the world stay well during a special phase of their lives. She went on to produce Pilates for Mums, Pilates Essentials and Pilates for Men.

But becoming a business owner with Forever Living wasn’t in the plan; it was a happy accident!


Pilates Institute Accredited Instructor

Lindsey was about to set up her own Pilates and wellbeing centre.. when the banks crashed in 2008. Worried that she would be hamstrung by overheads and large running costs at a time when people were spending less, she soon realised it was the wrong direction. “I loved the idea of my own place. But I also knew I was the brand and my clients wanted me to teach them.

It’s easy to be flattered by this.. but actually it was a problem. Finding, employing and developing other teachers.. who remain loyal.. was a problem I just didn’t want. It would take me away from my teaching, which I still love. And a teachers hours are unsociable for young family.”

Fitness Mum

As a mum of 2 teenage boys she has managed the holy grail… juggling work and business to always be able to be there when it matters. “Looking back… I’m SO grateful for the lifestyle choices our Forever business has given us. I’ve been able to attend sports days, parent meetings and key events for the boys and earned enough too to be able to let them enjoy all the experiences school life brings.” She works for it… but the long term benefits are amazing.

With her partner and FIT AMBASSADOR Mike Butterworth she has qualified for the company incentives by helping others be successful. This win win feels fair… as she helps the team to achieve their dreams – she is rewarded by her company for her time commitment. With trips to Hawaii, Sardinia, Singapore, South Africa to name but a few…. her children have also enjoyed much broader life experiences as a result. “My boys have seen us push on, stumble, pick ourselves up.. crack on again. They know that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. And they know that self belief is paramount in life. I’m excited to see how that exposure shapes their own lives.”

It used to be that you went to college, got a degree and got a good job for life. You worked for 40 years and drew a pension. But life isn’t like that any more. Most people don’t have pension and most people face working until their late 60’s or later (certainly in the UK). Lindsey has discovered a way to help others break out of this ‘rat race’ and with no risk … make a transition to something greater and exciting.

It takes a bit of courage and the willingness to learn, she says.. but if someone is caring, loves to feel healthy and vibrant – and wants to be rewarded for their efforts our team can be a superb environment to really create a different life to the ‘norm’.

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To maximise the benefits of this step by step program, nobody is better placed to support you than Mike Butterworth (Global F.I.T. Ambassador) and Lindsey Jackson (Pilates Instiute Accredited Instructor) who offer clients their time and expertise freely.