Mike Butterworth

Forever Living F.I.T. Ambassador

Dad of 2 teenage boys and husband to Pilates Coach Lindsey Jackson, Mike Butterworth Global F.I.T. Ambassador is a great example of the ‘look good feel good’ Forever lifestyle.

Although 48 years old now, Mike says he has: “never been stronger, leaner or fitter than now!” He’s always been in the business of health. 15 years a physiotherapist and more recently director of a fitness DVD company, the last 8 years have been dedicated to working with Forever Living Products.

Mike has been one of Forever’s Global Fit Ambassadors from the start and was instrumental in demonstrating what is possible when you commit to the FIT program.

Check out Mike’s video and see what results he achieved following the C9 F1 + F2 programme. Mike says: “The new C9 F15 Program has improved features and is even easier to follow.”

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Although he has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, Mike said he did find it hard to keep in top shape during his early 40’s “Work commitments and the demands of being a parent to 2 active boys made staying in good condition difficult. I started prioritising others over my own fitness and with that I became more relaxed about food + drink choices. An expanding waistline soon followed.”

Mike knew something had to change so in October 2014 he embarked on the 2 month FIT program. Interestingly, Mike’s start and finish bodyweight was identical at the end of the 3 step program. What did change was his fitness and his body composition, meaning the ratio of fat to muscle significantly altered. Whether you would like to do your own body transformation or simply achieve a healthy body weight, Mike believes that some or all of Forever’s FIT program could help you on your weight loss journey.

Mike has now completed his first full ‘Ironman Distance’ Triathlon. You can track his journey on the blog.


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To maximise the benefits of this step by step program, nobody is better placed to support you than Mike Butterworth (Global F.I.T. Ambassador) and Lindsey Jackson (Pilates Instiute Accredited Instructor) who offer clients their time and expertise freely.

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