Be Resolute this New Year

Do you want to Be Resolute this year?

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Go on admit it! You are already sneakily reflecting on the last year and what you’ve achieved, who you’ve been – and what progress you’ve made. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be kind of pushing it to the back of your mind for just a bit longer though – so you can enjoy Christmas festivities without the guilt of acknowledging you may need to make some changes. “Not just yet” you say to yourself. About 80% of us who make a New Year’s Resolution will break it by February.  To explore some of the reasons why and how to make change ‘stick’.


But the phrase ‘to be resolute’ somehow fills me with more ‘uuumph’ than the word ‘resolution’. The ‘resolution’ was the decision. Being ‘resolute’ is the behaviour I’ll need to make it happen!  If you imagine someone says to you ‘you’re so resolute’ what do you think they’d be noticing about you?  I’d see you being determined. It’s a ongoing state. So our plan for 2019 is to help you guys be more resolute!


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Let’s assume, like many, you have a desire, a goal, a dream to be a fit, healthy and a more energetic version of yourself. Well how can we help you #BeResolute? We know people are more successful when they:


  1. Do an activity together as part of a group. ‘Belonging’ and feeling obliged and accountable help us stick to something. That’s why we join clubs.
  2. Make a larger goal and break it down. If in 3 months you want to have more energy and lose a few pounds, then starting with a few changes in January and building on those in Feb / March will help you feel progress.
  3. Have a reward for making progress.
  4. Are moving away from something they DON’T WANT (I don’t want to have to buy the next size up of clothes)
  5. Have a realistic goal that you believe is possible.


Our #BeResolute Campaign means that in early January you can do a group C9 (9 day cleanse) followed, if you wish, by a 15 day programme that launches your fitness and health, no matter what your level of activity now (from beginner to athlete). But this is just the start. We plan to help you #BeResolute for 3 months or more! This early win (in the first month of 2019) of feeling vibrant with loads more energy will certainly set you on the best possible path.


PLUS, we will support the whole group and share top tips, answer your questions and guide you along. Simply fill in THE FORM  here if you’re interested in this amazing program & FREE Competition entry and we will do the rest in terms of adding you to our group of bright shining stars… who are planning to #BeResolute next year. YOU get to have FREE entry into a prize draw for a 2 night luxury stay in a 5 star hotel in the UK. Plus we have giveaways and motivation galore to lift you up, not knock you down. We won’t tell you off if you deviate. We’ll cheer you on for small changes + improvements. This community is set up for success.


We’d love you to be part of it!

Mike – Global Fit Ambassador and Ironman

Lindsey – Pilates Teacher and Business Coach

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