Crossing the finish line means ….. getting to the start line.

Whether in sport or business, our focus is often on crossing the finish line. My Triathlon coach Matt Turnbull taught me however that you can’t get to the finish line, unless you first, get to the start line! Good point Matt. In a sporting context, that means remaining well and avoiding injury.


Matt Turnbull finishing his 7th Ironman in 7 days!



A graduated approach to training is the key to the latter. Getting a base level of fitness and not ignoring strength and conditioning is also really important. The former is more tricky. Whether training for a major sporting event or climbing the corporate ladder; we all put in the hours and burning the candle at both ends can take its toll. Training twice daily, as I did this year, for a full distance triathlon puts a huge strain on the body’s immune system and can leave you open to all the coughs and colds that are always around. Adequate sleep is essential for both mental and physical well-being. To find out how much you need CLICK HERE 

Are you getting enough sleep?


In the 12 months I trained for my first Ironman triathlon, I completed 606 of my 610 workouts and none of the missed workouts were due to illness. I put this down to 3 things.
1. Sleep. Please look at the link above.
2. Listening to my body. Learning when to ease off. Differentiating low motivation from actual fatigue can be tricky at times.
3. Supplementation. Listen to the science and take benefit from the long chain polysaccharide ‘Acemannan’ and ‘Vitamin C’ that are both contained in this one product and are known to support and modulate a healthy immune system. For further details CLICK HERE
My secret to Ironman success.

Your body is an incredible thing. Graduated overload is what makes a person grow. But to achieve what you want to achieve, you need to learn when to push and when not to push. Make sure you listen to your body, get adequate sleep and support your body with a healthy diet and supplementation that’s know to help.


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