Forever DX4 Review

Your Forever DX4 review is here! As it’s a new program with 4 new products in, we need some first hand user info. Here is your review of the all new Forever DX4.

“I began the Forever DX4 after 2 years of pandemic that had swept by and boy, did I need it! I’d been feeling stressed, a bit out of control and cross with myself for letting things get to me. I’m usually a positive resilient person. And I knew my tiredness with the whole situation had left me jaded. Here is my review of the Forever DX4”

When I heard about it I thought ‘this is DEFINITELY for me! 4 days felt do-able and it fitted in my working week no problem. The difference between this and any other cleanse I’ve followed is that it offers a structured programme for cleaning your mind too. I knew for me my eating and drinking habits had been emotionally driven. And I wanted to hit pause and decide what I wanted moving forwards.

Day 1 – I was guided to focus on a goal. To Decide. Mine was to get my sugar habit under control and lose the weight it had caused to creep on.

Day 2 – was about setting a smart goal for myself. To Define. That helped me focus and commit to myself. It turned my loose idea into something real.

Day 3 – helped me Discover my obstacles and how I might overcome them. That was fascinating! …… and

Day 4 – was to Dedicate myself to something going forwards. For me this was about controlling my sugar intake. To see it as a journey of change over time. I like that.

The food side of the DX4 was surprisingly easy.  Apart from the first day when I felt a bit scatty brained (sugar / carb withdrawal?) the supplements meant I wasn’t hungry, I had more energy and felt alert. I really loved the taste of the protein shake and enjoyed the chia pots and big salads. The textures – having some fruit nuts meant I had something good to chew and it satisfied that feeling of chomping!

Straight after my DX4 I went away. I was blown away at how easy it was to just not even want the bread, the croissant, the cake and the wine. Wow! I’ve never felt like that before. That it was easy. That it was a free choice. Instead of thinking ‘oh I’ll just eat it now and get on track later’ and then feel grumpy with myself because I’d let myself down and not chosen well…. I felt ‘I’m loving choosing the best options I can and know I’m nourishing myself’.

Who knew this 4 days would be such a profound shift?! My mantra now?

“My body runs so well when I care for it. I love giving it all it needs”

I feel excited to be trying new recipes and things that are really cheap to make too.  I’m grateful for the 3 years work that has gone into this product. I can see this helping millions!

RESULTS Aside from our tester losing 2.1kg, she also noticed positive changes in her hair and skin with people commenting that she was ‘glowing’.

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