Which diet? – Atkins, Paleo, Keto, LCHF, Banting or Primal

Which diet? – Atkins, Paleo, Keto, LCHF, Banting or Primal …… to name but a few! Let me tell you up front. I don’t know the answer nor am I qualified to advise. What I do know is this.

Processed carbs and refined sugars produce insulin. Insulin increases sugar burning and lowers fat burning. This increases reliance on sugar and as a fuel, the sugar that is stored in your muscles, glycogen, is limited in supply. So if we want to use this as our primary source of energy and keep moving, we just keep shovelling it down. I know I finished my first full distance triathlon in July 2018 the fattest I’ve ever been because of this reliance on sugar to train hard. I don’t like it…… it’s not healthy.

So last night I asked my coach Matt Turnbull for help and this is what he said. “You know whats good and what’s bad Mike. Focus on just a couple of things that you know you should cut out, and replace them with healthy alternatives and see what happens.” Sound advice I thought. Why didn’t I think of that?!

So everything that was in my cupboards that was full of empty calories got binned …… cakes, biscuits, ice cream. It’s all just useless xxxt that we like or are addicted to. I also poured 2 litres of cola down the sink which I believe is very good drain clearing solution. 🙂 The bread, pasta and potatoes I found will be used, I can’t bare to throw away ‘good food’ but it will not be replaced. Instead I will get more complex carbs like sweet potato and oatcakes. A picture above of today’s lunch. Not bad for me considering my wife’s away on a yoga retreat. I would normally use this as an excuse to treat myself to a curry take away!

Getting back to the topic, here is a link to the differences between Atkins, Paleo, Keto, LCHF, Banting or Primal written by someone who knows more than me. I will explore these myself in time, but to begin with, I’m going with Matt’s advice. I will keep you posted and update this blog as I go. Which diet? Click here to link To me, energy is key although quite subjective so will keep tabs on weight and waist measurements.

Energy: 7 out of 10.

Weight: 66.7 kg

Waist below umbilicus 79 cm

A couple of other issues to mention. The point about processed carbs, or processed food in general is that its made by someone else. I won’t say all but most food manufacturers are a bunch of rascals as they are in the business of selling food NOT feeding our cells. They know that we are all partial to a combination of sugar, fat and salt. They have perfected the art of balancing the 3 so that we crave more. It’s known within the food industry as ‘the bliss point’. To you and me this means addiction. If you have an interest in this area then I’d recommend you watch this in depth (90 minute) YouTube by Dr Robert Lustig who is an expert in the field. Dr Robert Lustig

Lastly, if you identify you have strong urges to eat sugary processed food, either because of energy dips or craving, and you keep falling off the wagon, some people benefit greatly from a combination of both Garcinia Cambogia and Chromium. Emotional eaters also report benefits. Matt Turnbull is a supplier of one supplement that combines both of these key ingredients and he can be contacted by email for details about it on:


15.11.18 Update

Just under 2 weeks from altering diet…. thought an update worth sharing. Taken out pretty much all refined carbs and processed sugars. At times awkward …… but not difficult from a withdrawal point of view. Have had 1 bagel in this period, some rice (but brown) and half a potato. Other than that, I’ve stuck with it. Results:

Energy: 8 out of 10

Weight:65.5 kg

Waist below umbilicus 76 cm.


27.11.18 Update

Energy: 8 out of 10

Weight: 65 kg

Waist below Umbilicus 75.5 cm.

Steady improvements in both aerobic workouts and strength.


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