Forever C9 – the antidote to to a wild Easter!

With so many restrictions being placed on us all in the last 12 months, everyone should be allowed to enjoy an egg or two this Easter. However, as we emerge from lockdown number 3, many are realising the uncomfortable truth that moving less and eating more is a perfect recipe for a thicker waistline.

For many, it may be that it’s time to decide to get back in control of their diet. Not only is your swimming costume calling but we all know the stats on COVID-19 and outcomes for those who are overweight. Be kind to your body and its immune system. Work out what is a healthy weight and start working towards it. If you know what to do, great. If you are stuck or need a structure to follow, Forever have a full weight management program to make things a little easier. Lifestyle advice, free exercise videos, recipes and supplementation. Step1 is the Forever C9. Click HERE to watch a video overview of this 9 day program.

ORDER HERE and claim your FREE 10 day support package including Pilates workouts to do throughout your C9. Just email us your order number and we will get you set up for success with support info and exercise videos to follow.

Testimonial from the last client who did the C9 with us

“After months of unhealthy living during lockdown (what else are you going to do other than turn to food and drink?!!) I decided I needed a reset and a kickstart to feeling better in myself. I had heard of the C9 and on research and through speaking to Lindsey, it seemed perfect for what I was needing. I roped my wife in to the process which is definitely a decision that paid dividends in terms of supporting me through it and not having to watch her eat while my diet was restricted. The C9 is well designed with a booklet that guides you through each stage and a tick box list to tick of each element you have completed (my life loved this bit). Day one and two are tough, your brain is calling out for food although I found that my stomach wasn’t but you needed to remind yourself why you were doing it in the first place. You felt a bit under the weather but it was easy to convince yourself that this was the toxins leaving the body. Day 3 was also fairly tough but the experience of having your first meal was rejoiceful. From day 4/5 onwards you start feeling the benefits – energy, physically well, not bloated, mood improved. That continues to increase each day towards the end. I can’t deny that we were dreaming of foods we wanted after it finished but to be honest, now that we are out of the C9 healthy choices seem easier and the drive to maintain this feeling of wellness is strong. Lindsey was great at keeping in touch throughout the process and was already with a hint or tip that you could tell came from her own experience of completing the C9. The daily emails were also really valuable to educates on our attitudes to food and the changes we were experiencing going through the process.

So overall, I would definitely recommend the C9 and can see it being something I visit again in the future at those points when you feel your body needs a reset. It’s not easy but I wouldn’t say it was ridiculously hard either – I think with the right support around you anyone could do it. The results for me were 10lbs weight loss and 11cm lost from a range of measurements you take at the beginning and end.”

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