Wholefood plant-based food choices.

Did you know that the SAD (Standard American Diet) takes 14 times more resources to produce compared to a plant rich wholefood diet? With a world population growing by 1.1% annually …. it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that this approach to feeding the world is not sustainable.

Over 2 years ago, I started looking at the whole topic of food to see what I could do to improve performance in my chosen sport / hobby of triathlon. By reducing the amount of animal fat and protein in my diet, my fitness has improved as hoped by replacing it with more fibre rich fruit, veg, pulses and plant based protein.

I read the work of Dr Longo on the #LongevityDiet #FMD which opened my eyes to the health benefits of reducing the quantity of animal products in my diet. It also opened my eyes to the possibility that changing what makes up the 80 000 tons of food an average human will consume in a lifetime, not only has the ability to improve the length and quality of life, but also reverse many chronic diseases. To find out more, why not tune in to the free 10th Annual Food Revolution Summit (online) which is currently on Day 4.  You will hear from expert Physicians in their field who have an interest in #health #food #wellness See you there! 🙂 #FRS21

For an overview of the summit’s intension click HERE to hear from it’s host Ocean Robbins.

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