Vitamin D self tesing – why do it?

Why do a Vitamin D self test …. well, in a large observational study looking back at data on the first wave of the pandemic, found people were 3.7 times more likely to die from COVID-19 if deficient in Vitamin D. Importantly, these results were independent of comorbidities known to be affected by Vitamin D deficiency.

Why else would you do a Vitamin D self test? Well, it’s etimated between 1 in 4 to 1 in 5 of us are deficient.

The NHS Live Well site has some great advice on protecting yourself against COVID-19 over and above getting vaccinated. As the vaccinations stop you getting seriously unwell as opposed to stopping you catching the virus, it’s super important you optimise your own immune health as well. You can do this by working towards your optimum bodyweight, getting adequate sleep, reducing stress, eating well and in particular, ensuring adequate Vitamin D levels. The NHS site says there are “reports about vitamin D reducing the risk of COVID-19. But there is currently not enough evidence to support taking vitamin D to prevent or treat COVID-19”. A classic………

In the absence of conclusive evidence in the eyes of the NHS (although I have found 2 RCTs to date suggesting Vitamin D is a smart thing to have enough of if you want to survive COVID-19, should you catch it) I rang my GP to get my levels checked. As many people will know, speaking to a medical secretary to attain an appointment can be tricky at the moment. Anyway, she thought my request was “strange” and said I would have to make an appointment to talk about it with a doctor. Soonest telephone appointment would be in 3 weeks’ time. After that a physical appointment, should a blood test be indicated, would likely be the same again. I got the feeling she was trying to put me off, so I thanked her and bought a self-test kit online from ValueMed for £7.95.

Results are that my levels are within normal range, which is great. I follow a plant based-diet in the main. Whereas a meat-based diet you have to be careful not to over consume certain things, the risk with a plant-based diet is under consuming certain things so I’m reassured I’m on the right track.

While free COVID-19 test kits are being thrown around like confetti, which is good (the more testing the better) I defo feel we as a nation need to up the health info around lifestyle and diet. Each variant (VOC) that emerges seems to be more transmissible than the variant before and info on whether current vaccines afford protection or not is always going to lag behind a virus that can mutate in less than 24hours. So, let’s be sensible and assume we need to rely on a fit healthy immune response of our own and do everything we can to protect ourselves.

PS If you choose to supplement to get adequate Vitamin D, do so sensibly. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin meaning it is stored in your body. Unlike Vitamin C (which if you overdose on, you simply wee out) Vitamin D can build up to toxic levels so take no more than 10 micrograms a day written as 10mcg or 10ug or sometimes also measured in international units 400iu. If pregnant, check with the doctor.

In our opinion, the best all round immune support supplement is ‘Forever Immublend’. CLICK HERE for details. As well as getting your recommended Vitamin D, you will also get Vitamin C, Zinc, Lactoferrin and Shitake/Maetaki mushroom for the ultimate support product.

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