The Best has just got even Tastier

Forever Living’s Aloe Vera has long been associated with quality and it’s 100% pure inner leaf hand filleted methods are heralded as the ‘Gold Standard’. Taste and texture have over the years (for some) been an issue when consuming this elixier said to support a healthy immune system and help epithelial tissue (skin) on the outside and the inside of your body. Forever changed it’s bottling process and removed all preservartives a few years back and the result was a much fresher, smoother and more drinkable drink.

But now, they have launched a new flavour – Forever Aloe Mango which is 86% aloe, the rest delicious Mango juice. It tastes absolutely amazing!!!

We have 2 offers for you

  1. Text ‘MANGO’ to 07942 859823 to get a 15% discount link on your first Aloe Mango order
  2. Get a FREE bottle of Forever Aloe Mango when you buy a Forever C9 through our shop (T’s + C’s – to access this offer you must order your Forever C9 through Mike + Lindsey by following the links in this blog. Once you have placed your order, text your order reference number to 07942 859823 to claim your free bottle of Aloe Mango and it will be ordered and sent under seperate cover.)

CLICK HERE to start browsing.

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