Marine Collagen – What is it and why take it?

Collagen is a complex macroprotein which makes up 20%–30% of all proteins found in living organisms. It represents the main structural component of the extracellular matrix in all connective tissues; that is skin, bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage and interstitial tissues of the parenchymal organs. Basicly, if we didn’t have collagen our bodies would fall apart!

For years, most available collagen for dietary use was extracted from cows and pigs, but during the last few years, the use of collagen from these sources has been reduceded. Collagen from marine organisms have received more attension because they have no limitations in use for many religions and there are no reports of possible transmissible diseases. 

Forever Living Products, who have been known for quality and propriatory blends to maximise absorption have recently launched a ‘Rolls Royce’ Marine Collagen product for those looking for a high quality, sustainably sourced and carbon negative marine collagen supplement. It comes in liquid form in a box of 30 pouches; x1 per day (best taken at night).

Predominantly aimed at those looking for healthy skin, this premium product won’t escape the notice of athletes and those with joint issues for obvious reasons.

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