It’s All For Charity!

There is somewhat of a craze for extreme sporting challenges to raise money these days. Whether it’s Eddie Izzard running 43 marathons in 51 days or 4 mums from Yorkshire rowing the Atlantic, it seems that both the frequency and extreme nature of these events have numbed us a little to both the cause and the endeavour.

It was back in 1998 that I made my first marathon attempt and at the time that was considered a big deal. Now the running population has reached 10.5 million adults in the UK with 10% of those having completed a marathon in the last 12 months! This is a great indicator that peoples belief about their physical and mental limits are gradually being stretched as more people take on this iconic test of endurance.

Mike’s first London Marathon. I’m the one on the right!

It’s now 6 years since Lindsey and I teamed up with Andy McMenemy. We sponsored him with product as he took on and completed the record breaking 66 Ultra Marathons in 66 days – Challenge 66. A truly amazing demonstration of mental and physical strength aided at the time by Forever’s newly released Argi+ as well as Aloe Vera and the Ultra Lite shakes.

Lindsey, Peter and Andy launching Argi+
Andy at the finish of the Edinburgh Ultra

In the intervening period, I have transformed my own fitness and have met the amazing Matt Turnbull. School teacher, singer song writer, Shakespearean Actor and GB age group athlete, Matt is one incredible guy and he has taken on one incredible challenge. His plan is to complete the Ironman distance 7 times in 7 days starting on July 17th 2017. If people’s perception of triathlon is watching the amazing Browlee brothers zoom through the swim, cycle, run disciplines in a few hours on TV, the full Ironman distances will shock you! Kick off with 2.4 miles of open water swimming. Follow with 112 miles of cycling and then finish that off with a 26.2 mile running marathon. Just time for fuel, physio and sleep then repeat another 6 times.

Matt Turnbull in action!

Why? It’s all for charity! Powered by a desire to raise funds, an urge to see what is humanly possible, bucket loads of grit and Forever Living Products, he is raising money for the Tiny Lives charity. I feel privileged to be supporting Matt each day on the cycling legs of this challenge. If you want to find out more about Matt, his challenge and how you can support and get involved, go to To find out more about his chosen charity go to


“It takes 4 weeks to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Commit to be fit. You can do it.”  Mike Butterworth.




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