9 Steps to Ensure C9 Success.


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Here is a personal guide to the 9 steps to ensure Forever Living C9 success. I have helped literally hundreds of people with this fabulous program so I hope these key learnings will help you.

1 – Commitment
For most, doing a Forever Living C9 is going to mean taking in less calories than normal. For most, doing a C9 will mean temporarily giving up some foods you enjoy ….. so your upfront commitment in my opinion needs to be bullet proof. For that reason, you need to be clear why you are doing it….which leads me on to consider your goals.

2- Goals
If you are going somewhere new in the car and you are reliant on a satnav, you need to know where you are going. For many, considering a 9 day cleanse is something new so it’s wise to talk through with your authorised Forever Business Owner what your health goals are. Regaining control of your eating and introducing some gentle aerobic exercise may be the goal. You may however have much bigger goals and the Forever C9 may just be a small part of the bigger plan. Write down you goals and program your satnav for success.

3- Planning
I’d recommend marking out the 9 days in your diary in advance of starting. Many benefit from winding down intake of alcohol and caffeine in advance and it’s definitely worth planning your food shop so you have the right food in the cupboard. It’s also worth making sure you don’t have the wrong foods in the cupboard! Please do not be tempted to eat up all the bad stuff in preparation for you 9 day cleanse; remember…. you are not a dustbin!

4 – Measurements
For me, having objective markers to reference is key. It’s highly motivating seeing your progress in black and white. The Forever C9 has a great booklet to help you record markers of weight and body part circumferences as well as water + food intake. How you feel is as important (if not more) so maybe record in some way that’s meaningful to you how your energy levels or sleep quality are. You may be surprised how things change over the 9 days.

5- Support
Keep in regular contact with your Forever Business Owner. They will have helped people through this process before. They are there to help with any challenges that may arise and are also there to celebrate your success! One of the best support mechanisms is to do the Forever C9 with a buddy so you can support each other. This could be a friend or better still a spouse so you can help each other day to day.

6 – Fun
This is an opportunity to fuel your body. The first 2 days are strict but after this initial phase, you are feeding your body with great nutrition and it’s a good chance to try food you might not normally eat. People love the Ultra Lite shakes and you can have some fun mixing up different variations.

7 – Forgiveness
Most breeze through this program and get great results from the weight management programme. A few however are challenged by the restrictions on certain foods. If you succumb to temptation, don’t be too hard on yourself and definitely don’t feel the whole program is a right off. Reflect on the situation, share how you are feeling with those who are supporting you and start the next day with renewed determination.

8 – Celebration
As you go through the program, your reward will be your results and how you feel. It’s sometimes nice to reward yourself for your determination with something physical as well. If food and drink are ways you normally reward yourself, consider an alternative. Maybe buy those trainers you’ve been meaning to replace or take an afternoon out to get a spa treatment. Remember …. you’re worth it!

What’s next?
On completion of the program, it’s good to reflect. How are you feeling? Have your goals changed? Do you want to consider doing a Forever F15? If you can commit to 9 days and succeed what could you achieve in another 15 days?

“It takes 4 weeks to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Commit to be fit. You can do it.” Mike Butterworth.



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