Outlaw X Half Triathlon

The only race of the year!

A brief update as a few subscribers have been asking how I got on at the Outlaw X Triathlon. Firstly, thanks for all the support and messages of encouragement. I wanted to attempt to qualify as a GB ‘Age group’ athlete at the middle distance. With everything that has unravelled with the pandemic, opportunities to swim and compete have been severly hampered. A late hip niggle meant that my last 2 months of prep were run free too so it was hardly an ideal build up. But with no other races on other than a strangely distanced triathlon up Hevellyn, Outlaw X on September 27th was my only chance.

Things got ever more complicated with a local lockdown announced on Friday 15th at midday in Leeds starting at midnight. Thankfully, I was already on the road and outside the lockdown zone on Friday, staying in Doncaster Friday night, racking my bike at the beautiful Thorsbey Hall sight on Saturday then racing on the Sunday.

With the world seeming to conspire to stop all racing, I opened an emergency late email on the Friday night with a great deal of dread. Temperatures had dropped and water temperatures were close to the legal bottom limit. Strong, gusty and cold northerly winds were also forcast. As a compromise and growing fears by the organisers that there may be civil unrest if the race was cancelled, the swim was cut from 1.2 miles to 750m.

Sunday morning came and as forcast it was cold. Water temp was 12 degrees and the air temp didn’t get above 10 all day. Northerly winds did as predicted gust upto 40 mph! Anyway, to caut a long story short, I had a great race. 5 hours 4mins and 35seconds. 115.045% of the winning time in my 50 – 54 age catagory ……. 8 seconds outside the 115% needed to apply for an Age Group place. I have applied anyway. It has been such a strange year, they may decide its good enough.


For those of you interested in the nitty gritty of speeds etc, you cab view my RESULTS HERE So I am rgrouping, healing and planning for next year. As ever, super impressed with the nutrition plan that my trainer put together. You can find more information on all my SPORTS PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HERE.

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