Sam Butterworth Ignores the doubters and does the double.

Our sponsored athlete secures a Senior GB Climbing squad place …. and gets straight A’s in his A levels! Well done Sam.

I was always told ‘You can’t chase two rabbits’ and for 99.9% of us, I would say that’s probably true. But our sponsored athlete Sam has just done the impossible! Since the age 10, his passion has been for climbing with the initial goal of representing GB and eventually becoming world champion. He also wants to study architectural engineering and needed straight A’s for University. A tall order but a dream that became stronger 2 years ago at the time of the video below.

His teachers said “you can’t get straight A’s if you are training 6 hours per day, on top of school + homework”. The top young climbers do not generally even do A Levels …. let alone aim for straight A’s. As sponsors, have supported him all we can with advice and performance products, but he’s been the one with the drive to leap out of bed to do a 2 hour session before the 7.30am school bus. #goals #vision #grit

This year he has not only got into the Senior GB Climbing Squad, Sam has also just finished school with A*, A, A. I’ve learnt so much from raising my 2 boys ….. please, anyone with children with big dreams ….. support them to the max; they might just surprise you!

If you struggle setting your own work / life / personal goals, you might like this free goal setting tool from Brian Mayne. Sam has used this method for years

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Keep dreaming. Keep planning. Keep working.

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